Who We Are:

Ker Ezhi is a localized Ethiopian literary expression that conveys the wishes for a bright future, and harmonious relationships between mankind. We are a brand of premium luxury leather products that exhibits the crossroad between the best craftsmanship and design. Infusing our rich Ethiopian culture and history into a cultivated collection, we have something for you.

Doing Better Business for a Better World:

Doing Better Business for a Better World: Utilizing environmentally conscious practices we care for the land on which the animals graze and people live. We grow the local Ethiopian economy through our investment in the men and women of Ethiopia who hand-stitch all our products. We seek to bring a new face to the fashion industry. One that does not specialize in exporting raw materials and outsourcing labor but fosters equitable growth and entrepreneurship in an evolving world economy.


How We Got Here:

We began with a unique vision for the future, seeking to deliver world-class luxury Ethiopian leather goods to the global marketplace. Ethiopia possesses the largest livestock population in Africa, which, due to Ethiopia’s distinct environment, boasts hides and skins that are known for their natural flexibility, strength, and unique texture. Our online forum is a gateway from anywhere globally to the genuine Ethiopian leather goods, exotic options, and authentic Ethiopian art we provide.

Our Pledge:

We vow to have unwavering determination in our quest to deliver quality without compromising our values. Through an equitable-for-all market structure, we share our family’s culture with the world.

Welcome to Ker Ezhi

Ker Ezhi USA LLC was founded through a partnership agreement between Ker Ezhi Ethiopia and a private investment group based outside of Washington D.C.

The Washington D.C. area is home to the largest Ethiopian population outside of Ethiopia and is the ideal place for our brand to grow as it becomes known on the world stage.

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